A Broken Man Is What I've Become

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Name: Dan
Age: 20


Video Editing.
Music Production.

My blog isn't based on anything in particular I reblog what I like which is mainly wrestling, sex, movies, and the other typical shit.

(not entirely sure whats going with my blog at the moment as I can't be bothered re doing my theme and everything else so its pretty bland and generic)

Best feeling ever when you look back at the people you used to date and see how their life has completely gone down hill while you’re only going up, quite proud of how far I’ve come in this last year. My own place again, a nice bmw and an amazing girlfriend and I’ve finally gotten out of the hell hole Scunthorpe for good manchester’ not that much better but moving over seas shouldn’t take too long to happen

2014 isn’t starting to seem that bad after all.